Today we’re going to present the main health benefits of a remedy that consists of castor oil and baking soda. The medicinal benefits of both ingredients are amplified when they’re mixed, and the combination can treat more than 20 diseases and conditions.

The preparation of the beneficial castor oil wipes is easy. First, you need to clean your skin well with water and baking soda, before soaking a gauze in castor oil and applying it on the area. Next, wrap it with plastic foil and put a hot water bottle over it, then wrap everything with a towel to keep the spot warm.

Applying the compress every day for 40 days will treat the following health problems:

  1. The compress can treat ankle injuries.
  2. It can soothe the skin and help against cuts, bruises and burns.
  3. Putting a few drops of castor oil in your eyes can treat cataract.
  4. Castor oil massages can reduce the appearance of stretch marks.
  5. Applying the compress on your neck can treat chronic hoarseness and vocal cord nodules.
  6. Castor oil can successfully get rid of eye infections if you rub some of it on your eyelids before going to bed.
  7. Consume 5 drops of castor oil a day to treat allergies.
  8. The oil can eliminate pilonidal cysts.
  9. Drink a few drops of castor oil every day to eliminate nicotine and alcohol cravings.
  10. Drip a couple drops of castor oil in your ears to improve your hearing.
  11. Massage your scalp with some castor oil to boost hair growth.
  12. 6-8 drops of castor oil taken for 4 months on a daily basis can cure tinnitus.
  13. Rub some castor oil on your feet to eliminate fungal infections.
  14. Rub the oil on your warts to make them fall off quickly.
  15. Castor oil can relieve diarrhea.
  16. Rubbing the oil on your back can relieve back pain.
  17. Apply the oil on moles to eliminate them in a month.
  18. Castor oil can treat hepatitis.
  19. Apply castor oil compresses on the stomach to treat hyperactivity.
  20. Massage castor oil on your soles to remove calcium deposits.
  21. Apply the compress on your stomach to stop snoring in 2 weeks.
  22. A mixture of castor oil and baking soda can treat different types of cancer.
  23. The oil relieves bug bites and stings.
  24. The mixture of baking soda and castor oil can reduce dark spots and stains on the skin.